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Welcome to ArchBattle! Battle to defeat your enemies and expand your empire. Train miners, carpenters and masons to gather resources and build strongholds and castles. Forge a range of weapons and armor to equip your army. Join a guild to share resources with others or play solo and use the market to buy and sell resources. Wisely adjust your skills to optimally advance your empire.

Newest Player: Stahre
Last Login: last.samurai
ArchBattle News
3-5-2015 To Arms!
Shorter 6 week round ends 4-16-2015. Damaged walls absorb 10% more damage. Weapon damage has been reduced by 1/2. You must wait 72 weeks to join a guild if you are removed or quit from your current guild.

Have fun!

Newest Forum Post
KaiZa Teikoku™
Posted 2015-03-20 16:50:02

1) The market in this game unable to function properly and becoming a place where players hide their resources from being stolen. Because of this I think the deduction fee need to be change by using this;

For selling resources
IF (sellers price)<=(5% of max price) THEN (fee deduction %)=0 ELSE (fee deduction %)=(sellers price)/(max price)*50

For buying resources
IF (buyers price)>=(95% of max price) THEN (fee deduction %)=0 ELSE (fee deduction %)=(min price)/(buyers price)*50

And also, max price for horses need to be increase from 10,000 to 50,000.

2) Many people might be unhappy because of suggestion #1, therefore I suggest the war loot shouldn't be automatically be transfer to attacker empire by percentage, instead it depend on how many remaining of attacker armies are. Set a value of how many resources can a single army able to carry back to empire. This should solve the problem of the first player monopolizing npc resources.

3) If suggestion #2 is accepted, then new non-combatant units should be introduce, that is cart and/or wagon. A cart(require 1pop to train) can carry a lot more resource than a single army and a wagon(require 1pop 1horse) can carry a lot more than cart. Also archers can't destroy these unit.
Daniel Jezek
1977 - 2010

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